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Raven [ class=ds list> (Myth Legend / Non European Myth Legend) a traditional trickster hero among the native peoples of the Canadian Pacific Northwest[from raven1]raven1n1. (Life Sciences Allied Applications / Animals) a large passerine bird, Corvus corax, having a large straight bill, long wedge shaped tail, and black plumage: family Corvidae (crows). It has a hoarse croaking cry2. (Fine Arts Visual Arts / Colours)a. a shiny black colourb. (as adjective) raven hair[Old English hr related to Old High German hraban, Old Norse hrafn]raven2vb1. to seize or seek (plunder, prey, etc.)2. to eat (something) voraciously or greedily; be ravenous in eating[from Old French raviner to attack impetuously; see ravenous]ravener nn. 1. any of several very large corvine birds having lustrous black plumage and a loud, harsh call, esp. Corvus corax, of North America and Eurasia.

Brownfield land videos

Brownfield sites are best described as derelict and disused industrial or commercial land. Areas of abandoned factories and old railway lines are becoming a refuge for a growing number of species. Once all the human activity has died down, wildlife starts to move back into these undisturbed areas. Brownfield sites can contain a mosaic of different habitats and niches, providing opportunities for a wide variety of animals and insects, from toads and snakes to dragonflies and rare bees. Plants can also thrive on the poor soils, from purple rosebay willowherb to yellow groundsels and dandelions.

In the urban planning jargon of the United States and Canada, a brownfield site (or simply a brownfield) is land previously used for industrial purposes or some commercial uses. The land may be contaminated by low concentrations of hazardous waste or pollution, and has the potential to be reused once it is cleaned up. Land that is more severely contaminated and has high concentrations of hazardous waste or pollution, such as Kevin Pierre-Louis Seahawks Jersey a Superfund site, does not fall under the brownfield classification. Mothballed brownfields are properties that the owners are not willing to transfer or put to productive reuse.

In the United Kingdom and Australia, the term applies more generally to previously used land or to sections of industrial or commercial facilities that are to be upgraded, although this usage is becoming more commonplace in the United States and other countries as well.

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Halloween Cemetery Fence

: Halloween Cemetery Fence After being the shame of our street last year in terms of Halloween decorations, we vowed to accomplish three things this year: 1. Start early! 2. Be smart about using it to spray your project and not your yard/house/self. I have heard the suggestion that small plastic toys like whistles can sometimes be the right shape if you keep an eye out.My guess is that we will probably buy plastic fence finials from a store online like this one. However, this will basically double the cost of our project, so I still haven't decided if it's "thrifty" enough. But they sure look awesome!in reply to friedpope2 years agoReplyI did go ahead and order the pre made plastic ones yesterday. They cost about $25 with shipping, so that was very much not thrifty, or diy, but I really wanted the finished look. I am tossing around the idea of using the fences for our Christmas display, but making them more Victorian looking with garlands than spooky I think these finials will give me the most flexibility.

Eagles' future rides on the outcome of Redskins game

THIS IS WHERE the Eagles' season pivots. If they expect to have a good chance of winning the NFC East and making the playoffs, this is the game that will tell them. Based upon current valuations, a win on Sunday over the Washington Redskins is the price to dream.

Can you concoct a scenario in which the Eagles lose to Washington and still make it? Sure. In the Land of the Loss, a k a the NFC East, an eight win team could still be king. A three car pileup at the finish line is not out of the question, with the Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins and/or Giants in the mix.

At the same time, common sense figures to prevail at some point, and nine wins is the more likely number, and if you add a loss here, the math starts to get difficult especially when you remember that the Cowboys hold the head to head tiebreaker over the Eagles and have not yet lost a game in the division. If Washington wins Sunday, the Eagles will have lost three games in the division.

There is still a distance to travel, whatever happens. But a win over Washington will leave the Eagles at 6 5 and, at least temporarily, alone atop the division. That we are even having a playoff conversation this deep into November is unexpected. Win Sunday, though, and the talk becomes real.

"We know that, hey, if we win this game, it's going to put us in a great position, and that's all we worry about," said quarterback Nick Foles, who insisted that nobody is getting ahead of themselves, that it has been drilled into them since Pop Warner that it is all about the next game, and that everything else will take care of itself.

But if the players were talking about it? About the playoffs?

"They can talk about whatever they want to talk about," coach Chip Kelly said. "It doesn't mean anything if they don't win on Sunday, though."

At which point, when Kelly was asked whether he spent even 2 minutes looking at things such as tiebreakers, the coach went off on one of his now patented riffs funny, revealing, the words tumbling out as if from a waterfall.

"They're inconsequential," he said, about those tiebreakers. "It means absolutely nothing. I've always felt the same exact way. I look at college football, and everybody talks about the BCS talk in October, and it doesn't mean anything. If you lose a game, you're out. I've talked about it all the time: We're going to keep our head down until Dec. 29. I know I personally will, and we'll see how many games we've won. If that's enough games to qualify for the playoffs, then we did a good job.

"Wishing and hoping and looking at tiebreakers you should be watching film and breaking down your opponent instead of doing that stuff."

Just about every coach who has run through here has expressed a similar sentiment, only without the same color. You ask Kelly whether he has a number of games in his head that it will take to win the division and you get Part II.

"I have no idea," Kelly said. "I don't. Again, for me to spend time looking at Women's Louis Nix Jersey what number I think is going to be the number you need to win in games, it means nothing. Just go out and prepare for that game you've got that week, and that's what it should be about and what it's always about. It doesn't matter what I think it is. At the end of the year, I'm going to pat myself on the back? 'I thought it was 10; it was 10?' You don't get anything for it, do you? If you do, I'll start looking at it."

So, this week. The Redskins are an odd, flawed team (which makes them a perfect fit in the NFC East). That is, they have a ton of offensive potential and a cartload of defensive concerns. A week ago, they looked great in the first half at Minnesota and then died in the second half and lost to a one win team. And so it goes.

But this has a chance to be a game in which the two teams trade punches, long into the fourth quarter. How Foles reacted to such a scenario would be instructive, as we all try to guess about the future. How the Eagles' defense reacted to a game in which somebody finally turned all of those yards into points also would tell us something, too. Robert Griffin III is not Terrelle Pryor or Scott Tolzien, after all.

In all, this is the proverbial "good test" for a team that few thought would still have hope at this point. And while the outcome will guarantee nothing, either way, it will direct the conversation from here forward. The conversation as well as the aspirations, more accurately.

returns to Baltimore from Chicago

OWINGS MILLS, Md. It's been this kind of season for the defending Super Wholesale NFL Jerseys Bowl champs: A tough to take overtime loss in Chicago became even more painful for the Baltimore Ravens when general manager Ozzie Newsome became too ill to take the flight home.

Newsome returned to Baltimore on Monday and immediately slipped behind his desk following a night in Chicago in which the 57 cheap nfl jerseys year old underwent a battery of tests, according to coach John Harbaugh.

"He's been here all afternoon working, so he's back and has a clean bill of health," Harbaugh said. "We cheap jerseys don't know exactly what caused the situation (Sunday), but it wasn't anything serious. So he seems to be doing fine."

The Ravens lost 23 20 in a game delayed about two hours by bad weather. Harbaugh found out about Newsome's illness early Sunday evening as the team prepared to head back to Baltimore.

"I went back and saw him. At that point in time, they said they thought he was OK," Harbaugh said. "But they had to keep him overnight for observation just to make sure."

Newsome has not displayed signs of ill health recently. He is often seen in workout clothes after a run on the treadmill or around the practice facility, and he enjoys other forms of cardio exercise.

Newsome's apparent recovery was a welcome piece of good news in the wake of another agonizing defeat. With their fourth loss in five games, the Ravens (4 6) fell 2 games behind the first place Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North.

Baltimore led 10 0 before a torrential downpour forced a two hour stoppage.

"You come out and put 10 quick ones up and you feel like you're going pretty good, you feel like you're able to do what we wanted to do against them and you have the delay," said quarterback Joe Flacco, who ended up 17 for 31 for 162 yards and two costly interceptions.

"It's frustrating because I felt like we had the ability to really let it go and explode on offense and we just didn't do it."

The Bears went up 20 17 before the Ravens got a first and goal at the muddy Chicago 5 yard line in the final minute of regulation. Two runs and a pass failed, and the Ravens had to settle for a field goal.

That set up the Bears to win in overtime and hand Baltimore its fifth loss by six points or fewer.

"In the end, it comes down to doing the things we have to do to win a tight game in tough conditions," Harbaugh said.

The biggest problem has been turnovers. One of Flacco's interceptions was returned for a touchdown and the other set up a Chicago field goal just before halftime.

"What we can't be doing is turning the ball over in those situations," Harbaugh said. "The thing that we talked about today is that we create too many opportunities for our opponent.

"That's what we do too much this year. I think that's the biggest difference in other years when we won these close games. We've got to do a better job of that starting right now."

The Ravens have a minus 5 turnover differential this season thanks primarily to Flacco's career high 13 interceptions. Baltimore has already coughed up the ball 18 times compared to 16 all last season.

Newsome has built two Super Bowl champion teams in Baltimore and has a current run of five straight playoff appearances. He has kept the team in the upper echelon of the NFL by mastering the draft and shrewdly working the salary cap.

After the Ravens beat San Francisco in the Super Bowl last February, Newsome reworked the roster with an eye toward the future. He discarded several veterans such as Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard, signed a few free agents and hoped the new blend would work.

So far, the results have been disappointing.

"We would all rather be sitting here talking about being atop the division and chasing home field advantage or something like that," Harbaugh said. "That's something that we were shooting for. We wanted to be in that position. We haven't done the things we needed to do to be in that position. But we're in the hunt."

Baltimore is still in the muddled AFC playoff mix and its next three games are at home, beginning with the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers.

"We're playing two teams the next two weeks at home that are right there in the hunt with us. We're chasing a division leader that we have in our sights and we play again," Harbaugh said. "We are right there. We can do it, and we're good enough to do it. We've got every tool we need. We believe we have what it takes, but it's up to us to prove it."

"I think it's pretty obvious that it's critically important," Harbaugh said. "If we don't win this game, it's going to be really tough.".